//: Art waits. About the relevance of art in our current times.


You have been wondering, isn’t making or teaching art irrelevant in our current times? Don’t we have other things to do than drawing, painting, writing?

So I thought about it. Wasn’t it art that always outlasted us? That brought us always back into an earlier time? That told us how it was back then? Art is a contemporary witness. In the moment the artist creates a piece of art, a piece of soul enters the art work. A feeling of the present time transforms into a figure. Like the moment a feeling is transient. But the art work remains. The feeling comes alive for other people, for many years.

Especially in difficult times, like now, it is even more important to put our feelings into a form in order to preserve them. This unburdens us from fears, loneliness and sadness and shares these emotions with others. It connects people with the same feelings.

You can’t eat an art piece, warm your hands with it or protect yourself. That makes art feel unimportant in the moment of crisis. But precisely because it has little value, it has a chance to last. Art waits. Until someone finds it and listens to it. Making art in the present time is not unimportant. It is probably the most important thing.