Hiking the Dolomites

Several times a year I leave the city, renounce any luxary and quit digital life. The mountains is a place where I can come back to earth and feel myself again.

The first time I was hiking in the Dolomites was in 2018. I wasn’t sure if I would like a landscape without trees. But I didn’t expected that the high alpin landscape is different from what I knew so far.

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Above and around us massive cloud formations begin to rise. From one to another second we’re covered in fog. Our feet keep walking, step by step. There are just my feet. There is just this moment for hours.

The fog is slowly clearing and reveals rocks not from this world. Humbly and silent we wander through the landscape.

Don’t panic when you can’t see clear anymore. The fog eventually vanishes faster than you think.



Modes luggage is carried on my bag. A second pair of socks, a toothbrush, pen and paper. The camera is the only luxary I brought with me. 

When the night comes, all sounds disappear.
We’re tired, but we’ve never felt more awake like tonight.